Jürgen Hagenlocher

Jürgen Hagenlocher was born in 1967 on october 15th in Friedrichshafen, Germany. He started playing tenorsaxophone at the age of 17 and 2 years later he won several youth competitions in jazz of his hometown and of the state of Baden-Württemberg. He studied tenor saxophone at Swiss-Jazz-School-Bern. Since then he recorded 11 CDs, 3 with his own groups. The last CD „Leap In The Dark“ was recorded in New York and was well regarded. Edward Blanco, All About Jazz,: „Leap in the Dark is an illuminating experience that brings to light an interesting artist with an exciting musical repertoire“. Jürgen performed on famous jazz festivals like, Montreux, Bern, St. Peterburg, Mulhouse, Saarbrücken and many more with musicicans like Bob Mintzer, Bobby Shew, David Friesen, John Swana, Alex Sipiagin, David Kikoski, Donald Edwards, Boris Kozlov. Nate Smith.
Randy Brecker: „Juergen Hagenlocher plays with a full bodied tone and has a fresh conception brimming with new ideas“

Gottsu Sepia Tone

„Gottsu Sepia Tone mouthpieces are the best mouthpieces I ever played. Great Sound and easy to play.“ I was searching for my old Otto Link sound, after playing several years Dave Guardala Crescent mouthpiece. In january 2013, I discovered by accident Gottsu Sepia Tone mouthpieces and was very taken from it from the first note that I played on it. It was the sound that I was looking for since years. The sound of my old Otto Link mouthpiece, but with much more depth and very easy to play. Also I was able to play louder with less effort. Playing large intervals, subtones and hightones, everything is much easier to play. The sound is a big, fat sound, but also with overtones, it reminds a little bit of Dexter Gordons sound. Since “Musikmesse Frankfurt” I play the Sepia Tone VI 9. This mouthpiece is a little bit darker and a tiny bit fatter than the Sepia Tone. VI stands for vintage and this conception works out 100%.

Live recording in the SWR radio-broadcasting studio Freiburg on february 22nd 2013

Leap in the Dark

1. Pollyanna
2. The Myth Of The Dreamcatcher
3. Leap In The Dark
4. Corruptionists
5. April’s Mood
6. Turmoils
7. Dark Turns Bright
8. Step By Step
Jürgen Hagenlocher (ts)
Alex Sipiagin (tp)
David Kikoski (p)
Boris Kozlov (b)
Nate Smith (ds)