Gottsu Solid Silver Ligature

Types:Ligature for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Master Tenor

The true value of craftsmanship ~

The main body of the ligature is painstakingly hand-forged from a piece of pure silver plate. By striking and forming it with a hammer, the silver is refined and its exterior is left with a unique pattern. The resulting material features moderate elasticity, rich overtones, and a deep yet gentle sound. The screw is machined from a rod of vintage brass; its every aspect has been calculated and optimized, including the weight, grooved surface and bell-shaped bore. Combining traditional metal engraving and the latest technology with precise hand-craftsmanship, a unique ligature of the highest quality is born.

It is a Gottsu original ligature where you can fully enjoy the beautiful hammered pattern – the unique texture of a handcrafted piece.