Metal HL 2018

Metal HL 2018 is based on a high-baffle mouthpiece from the 1980s (fusion golden-era), but is adjusted to add an edge to the sound. The feature of the sound is fatter and bright sound, and a tick sound with a presence. The HL is the only Gottsu model utilizing Tin alloy material, thus far.  Tin alloy resonates similarly to hard-rubber, so it has rich harmonic overtones.  


There is a legendary mouthpiece that has curved table, asymmetrical side and tip rail, and is roughly made; it is like a vicious horse.  Although difficult to control for beginners, you are able to produce a wonderfully unique tone once you master it.  Many people, such as Kenny G. and David Sanborn became addicted to the wonderful sound once they were able to control it. I think the mouthpiece has both brightness and darkness, so it is very attractive.  I pursued that mouthpiece, and made the Metal HL. I reviewed the old Gottsu Metal HL model, including all designs and production methods, and made it better with the HL 2018. 

—Masahiko Goto—


Type: Tenor, Alto, Soprano 

Opening size:  

Tenor (6,7,7☆,8,8☆,9) 

Alto (5,6,7,8,9) 

Soprano (5,6,7,8) 

※see table below for mm sizing 

Material: Tin alloy  

Chamber Shape: Medium large Chamber, semicircle  

Baffle: High baffle  

Feature and Tone: Fat, Edge sound, Good for fusion 

Style: Pops, Fusion  

Natural wooden reed recommended 


Metal HL Alto

Metal HL Alto

Metal HL Alto

Metal HL Tenor

Metal HL Alto

HL Alto 2018 

Tip Opening