Gottsu Online Shop Policy

By purchasing any Gottsu product(s) from the Gottsu Online Shop, you accept the Gottsu Online Shop Policy. 

1. Payment method 

1.1 The Gottsu online shop operates from the Paypal platform. The payment method will be through Paypal, and may be made with either a Paypal account or a credit card (such as Visa, Master) that is accepted by Paypal. 

1.2 Gottsu will not hold your card information if you select a credit card payment method. (if you want to know more about Paypal service, please see 

1.3 Gottsu accept only JPN Yen value. Paypal will automatically exchange your country’s currency to YEN based on the current exchange rate. 

2. Privacy policy 

2.1 Gottsu will collect your name, address, zip code and email address for shipping purposes, and will safely store the collected information. Gottsu will not use or share your information except for contacting and shipping to you.  

2.2 Gottsu will not provide your personal information to third parties (such as solicitors, data collection companies, or anyone requesting your information).  

3. Ordering and Shipping policy  

3.1 Images shown on the website are of a sample, not of the exact mouthpiece you will receive.  Fine details of the actual product may be different from what is shown in the image (for example, marble mouthpieces will always have a different pattern than in the displayed image).  

3.2. Gottsu Online Shop will only ship to addresses outside of Japan. If you do not speak Japanese, but reside within Japan, please contact us at 

3.3 When your payment is verified, Gottsu will accept the order request and begin preparing your order. 

3.4 Gottsu will send a confirmation e-mail of your order within 3 business days of when payment is verified.  

3.5 All mouthpieces are crafted to order, so they cannot be shipped immediately.  Your order will be shipped approximately two weeks after the order date. 

3.6. A shipping invoice of the exact amount that is paid on the order  will be included in the shipment. 

3.7. Gottsu will send you a notification email including an EMS tracking number when Gottsu have shipped your order (you can track your order through  

3.8. All products purchased through the official Gottsu online shop will not be charged shipping.  

3.9. Gottsu is not responsible if any item is lost or damaged during shipping.  

4. Exchange policy 

4.1 Gottsu does not issue refunds for any reason. 

4.2 If a mouthpiece is damaged (such that it affects playability) during shipping, Gottsu will exchange it for an identical model.  

4.3. Gottsu will exchange the mouthpiece only if it has not been played. 

4.4. You are required to provide pictures as proof within 3 days of receiving the mouthpieces. Your receiving date will be based on EMS tracking, “Final Delivery” date. 

4.5. Gottsu will send a replacement mouthpiece only after we have received the damaged one.  

4.6. Gottsu will refund the cost of shipping for the returned mouthpiece if you send us a picture of the receipt.  

In order to make a claim for a mouthpiece that is damaged during shipping, take pictures that clearly show all damage (including the box if it was damaged), and email them to the email address that you received EMS tracking number from.  We will review your claim to verify if the mouthpiece is qualified to be replaced, and will email you with a replacement confirmation.  After your replacement is confirmed, return the damaged mouthpiece to us, and we will send you a replacement of identical model and size.  DO NOT PLAY THE MOUTHPIECE IF IT ARRIVES DAMAGED, OR WE WILL NOT REPLACE IT.