Sepia Tone Double Ring 2022

Gottsu reintroduces the Sepia Tone Double Ring in 2022! The sizing has been changed from the mm-based numeric system to the 1000/inch system in order to match the Master model. Other subtle changes, such as a slightly lowered baffle, have also been made in order to further refine the tone and playability.

This piece is made based on rigorous and meticulous analysis of the legendary Otto Link Florida Double Ring. The Otto Link Florida Double Ring is a vintage mouthpiece loved and played by the greatest jazz giants. To this day, the unique tone of the New York Link and early days Florida Double Ring still attracts many tenor players worldwide. However, as it was made over 70 years ago, it is no wonder that a piece in good condition is scarce to find today.

“To meet the wishes of contemporary players, Gottsu has developed the Sepia Tone Double Ring Tenor. We took advantage of our experience in refacing Otto Link Double Rings to analyze the composition and design in detail and capture the model’s CAD data – from the baffle, chamber, sidewall to materials. The vintage Link’s unique line and shape – with the delicate bulge from the body to the beak – is just as important as the interior structure, and defines the tone and feel of the mouthpiece. But our Sepia Tone Double Ring Tenor is not a mere replica of the historical model; we have also added a touch of the Super Tone Master from the mid to late Florida to eliminate the “muddy” sound of the Double Ring, which is a flaw of that model, in order to create a more complex, lustrous and thicker tone.

Try our new Sepia Tone Double Ring 2022 to experience the authentic and tasty jazz sound of the vintage Link revived!”

– Masahiko Goto

Instrument: Tenor 

Opening:  89, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115

※see table below for mm sizing 

Material: Vintage Brass plated with 24K Gold

Chamber Shape: Round  

Baffle: Medium Baffle  

Features and Tone: Dark, not too bright nor too dark, vintage

Style: Jazz 

Natural wooden reed recommended 


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