Sepia Tone Jazz Metal

Sepia Tone Jazz Metal is the standard metal Gottsu model. Masahiko Goto studied the brass composition of vintage mouthpieces, and selected the most similar brass composition to craft Gottsu mouthpieces from. Sepia Tone Jazz Metal, which has a dark sound with an edge, was the result of pursuing a good metal sound.  


After making the Sepia Tone VI, an ebonite mouthpiece, I wanted to make a metal model. Because I play Tenor Saxophone, I own vintage metal mouthpieces, so I wanted to make a better mouthpiece than the vintage ones. That was how I started to make Jazz Metal. 

—Masahiko Goto—


Type: BaritoneTenorAlto 

Opening size:  

Baritone (6,7,7☆,8,8☆,9)  

Tenor (6,7,7☆,8,8☆,9,9☆)

Alto (5,6,7,8) 

Soprano (4,5,6,7,8) 

※see table below for mm sizing 

Material: Brass 

Chamber shape: Round 

Baffle: Roll-over baffle 

Feature and Tone: 



Outlined Sound 

Style: Jazz  

Natural wooden reed recommended 


Sound Samples And Videos


NAMM Show 2020 ;
its playing exactly as my Vintage Florida Otto Link Probably the best copy I ever tried. very focused,Warm and has a great Projection and big sound !

-Tony Lakatos

The manufacturing process of Jazz Metal

Tip Opening