Sepia Tone Jazz Soloist

The Jazz Soloist is a Jazz-Classical model based on the Selmer Soloist Short Shank. Available for Sopranino, C Tenor and C Soprano in addition to the standard SATB, the Jazz Soloist is the most diverse model of the Gottsu lineup. Featuring a horseshoe-shaped chamber, it produces a round and gentle tone and high responsiveness.


“Many people from the Japanese music industry asked me to make a mouthpiece like the Soloist.  I was curious to try with my technology, so I made this model. I referred to the design of the vintage mouthpiece, and made adjustments to make it better and appropriate for today’s music style.

—Masahiko Goto—

“Just Tried first time at the NAMM show and fell in Love with that Piece! You automatically hear Joe Henderson in your ears when you play it. Soloist chamber, but I can blow more air inside as in the original and get more volume, which was always missing in those mouthpieces.  It was the absolutely star at the NAMM show ;every great player wanted this piece also because it’s different from the others on the market.”

—Tony Lakatos at NAMM Show 2020


Type: Baritone / Tenor / Alto / Soprano / Sopranino / C Tenor / C Soprano

Opening size: 

Baritone (C,C☆,C☆☆,D,E,F,F☆,G,H,I) 

Tenor (C,C☆,C☆☆,D,E,F,G,H)


Soprano (C,C☆,C☆☆,D,E,F,G,H)


※see table below for mm sizing 


Chamber Shape: horseshoe‐shaped   ※Only Soprano is round 

Baffle:Low baffle

Tone characteristics: Round, Soft, Dark, Responsive

StyleJazz, Pop  

Recommended reed : Natural cane reed 


Critic Review of Jazz Soloist

Zach Sollitto

See Zach Sollitto’s review of the Jazz Soloist in “NAMM 2020 Saxophone Gear Roundup”.

NAMM 2020 Saxophone Gear Roundup

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