Master 2018

The Master is the flagship model of Gottu’s metal mouthpiece lineup.  Masahiko Goto studied the brass composition of vintage mouthpieces, and selected the most similar brass from which to make metal mouthpieces. This model has one more process of plating the brass with Nickel and 18K-gold after the hand-finishing process. The mouthpiece features a deep, dark, soft sound, and clear tone for sub-tone. 


I wanted to make a mouthpiece that allows me to make the same sound as an artist I respect; it became the Master2018. Every time I see the vintage mouthpieces, I am impressed by the quality and craftsmanship in the mouthpieces. That prodded me to make the mouthpieces with new technology, a 5-axis machining center. I referred the design of a certain vintage mouthpiece that was favored by Coleman Hawkins and Benjamin Francis Webster, and made adjustments to improve and suit it for today’s music style. This is my favorite model!!! 

—Masahiko Goto—


Type: Tenor  

Opening :  

Tenor (6,7,7☆8,8☆,9,9☆,10) 

※see table below for mm sizing 

Material :Brass 

Chamber shape: Large Chamber 

Baffle :Low baffle 

Shank: Short Shank 

Feature and Tone:


Fat sound,

Has core sound in sub-tone  


Natural wooden reed recommended 


NAMM Show 2020: For my Opinion Plays More open as the original. The sound quality is amazingly similar to master Link with the famous Buzz … everyone looking for that sound ,very warm vintage Tenor sound ,perfect for Jazz Lovers . The Gottsu Master is definitely a Mouthpiece I use ! -Tony Lakatos

Mitsuharu oouchi



Tip Opening