A rich varied harmonic tone coming from a well-used vintage saxophone

Gottsu saxophone is made of pure unlacquered bronze, which produces a special captivating sound that is rich with a sweet and charming shimmer. Gottsu saxophone tastes like a three decades vintage instrument. You’d feel a bitter “Jazz Sound” at your first play.

We recommend the good standard model!

We’ve designed Gottsu Saxophone VI model pursuing “a good standard model”, not “a certain part of incomparable excellence”. These days, we feel that modern musical instruments tend to have a built-in new mechanism. Needless to say, the original structure’s excellence that is the prime reason why ‎vintage musical instruments get acclaim at all times. Through many of a process of trial and error, we felt sure of pure bronze was a special, suitable material for creating a great saxophone. Gottsu Saxophone holds the promise of a future potential and produces a supreme sound which many Jazz fans have been seeking for.

Background of Gottsu Saxophone production

Gaining fame among musicians even overseas, we’ve started to participate in exhibitions abroad. However, due to the security matters, the visitors were not permit to bring their instruments into the exhibition sites, so we needed to lease instruments from manufacturers each time to test Gottsu Mouthpiece. We then thought up the idea of producing Gottsu Saxophone.

Saxophone Material: Bronze alloy

Gottsu Saxophone is made of bronze not bronze brass. Bronze brass is copper-rich brass, alloy of copper and zinc. Bronze is also copper-rich alloy but is made of mainly copper and tin. Bronze is more durable and tenacious alloy than brass and the material allows one to enjoy the particular sweet-deep sound, resonating beautifully.
Having attempted continuous improvement to create a great saxophone, we’ve made several visits to Taiwan to improve more details and were able to reach a prime-quality saxophone, Gottsu Saxophone. The booster is made of plastic as a vintage saxophone. Normally, unlacquered instruments produce articulations those are apt to be light, airy sounds. Gottsu Saxophone is made of pure unlacquered bronze; however, it allows one to comfortably play, producing an outstanding tone quality. After returning to Japan, we strongly felt the fabulousness of Gottsu Saxophone by comparing to saxophones which we used to play. Of course we set up Gottsu Sepia Tone Mouthpiece.

Trial performance


TypesSaxophone / Mouthpiece / Reed
MaterialsBronze Unlacquered
Key materialBrass unlacquered
備考F#  key
Warranty1 year (key adjustment)