Sepia Tone Balance

The Sepia Tone Balance is designed for classical clarinetists.  This mouthpiece exists to find the balances between both a bright and dark tone, and between a beautiful sound and ease of blowing.  It features a slightly brighter tone than the Sepia Tone Will while remaining rich and beautiful across all ranges, and has a low blowing resistance.  Music is a balance, find it with the Gottsu Sepia Tone Balance.

Instruments: B♭ Clarinet
Opening size: 1.0mm
Material: Ebonite
* dark brown, high-quality ebonite with no additives
Chamber shape: trapezoid
Baffle: None/natural
Tone characteristics: slightly bright, soft tones
Style: Classical
Recommended reeds: Natural cane reeds (Vandoren V12)


Tip Opening