Sepia Tone Bebop

The Sepia Tone Bebop brings a new and unique tone to the vintage jazz lineup from Gottsu.  It is made from a white resin blended with silicone, which is machined to shape.  The silicone-resin material, along with a trapezoid-shaped chamber, gives the Bebop its unique and modern sound.

Until now, we have been making mouthpieces mainly from Ebonite.  Ebonite is a very excellent material, but this mouthpiece was born out of curiosity to create something unique and exciting.  I, myself, have always been developing mouthpieces from the player’s point of view, and I have tested the Bebop in my own band. It has an unprecedented tone and good control, which makes it very attractive. 

—Masahiko Goto—


Instrument: Alto 

Opening Size: 5, 6, 7

※see chart below for mm sizing.

Material: Silicone-infused resin (white)

Chamber Shape: Trapezoid

Baffle: Low

Characteristics: Emphasized midrange, well-balanced, easy to blow

Style: Jazz, Bebop, Pop, Fusion

*Natural cane reed recommended

Tip Opening