Sepia Tone

Sepia Tone is the first model of the Gottsu Sepia Tone series. This model is the only Gottsu model that is made from a mold rather than carved out of a block of material.  It is made with silicone rubber, a custom rubber composition mixed by Gottsu.  The mouthpiece produces a bright tone and is easy to blow, so it is good for beginners. 


This model is from before I decided to implement 5-axis machining center. I invented the material called silicone rubber to pursue vintage mouthpieces, and pursued easy blowing for this mouthpiece.  I was planning to terminate the model when I introduced Sepia Tone VI. However, many people, especially beginners, love this model, so I continue to make it the same way.  

—Masahiko Goto—


Type: Tenor, Alto  

Opening Size:  

Tenor (6,7,8,9),  

Alto (5,6,7,8) 

※see table below for mm sizing 

Material: Silicone rubber  

Chamber Shape: Round 

Baffle: None (Alto), Roll-over baffle (Tenor) 

Feature and Tone: Brighter than Sepia Tone VI, easy to blowing  

Style: Jazz 

Natural wooden reed recommended