Sepia Tone VI Custom

Sepia Tone VI Custom is the high baffle version of the Sepia Tone VI.  It produces a brighter and larger sound than the VI, and is designed to make more sound with little blowing. This mouthpiece is good for fusion style jazz or for people who have a metal allergy but want to have a powerful sound like with a metal mouthpiece.   


I received many requests to make a mouthpiece from hard rubber that has a high baffle, especially from professional saxophone players.  I was also curious to make a metal-styled mouthpiece from hard rubber, so I began making the Sepia Tone VI Custom.  The Baritone model has a long-shank, thicker tip-rail and side-rail and bigger body than the Sepia Tone VI.  I designed the Tenor model from scratch; it is high-baffle but has a larger chamber, so it is easy to produce low notes. The Alto model’s design is the same as the Metal HL2018, but I changed the program slightly and thickened the side-rail in order to accommodate the material. 

—Masahiko Goto—


Instruments: Baritone / Tenor / Alto   

Opening size:  

Baritone: 6, 7, 7☆, 8, 9  

Tenor: 6, 6☆, 7, 7☆, 8, 8☆, 9

Alto: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

※see table below for mm sizing 

Material : Ebonite (Hard-rubber) 

Chamber Shapes: Round (Baritone, Tenor), Semicircle (alto) 

Baffle : High baffle  

Features and Tone: Bright, Powerful, has an edge (like metal mouthpieces) 

Style: Fusion, Jazz, Pop

Natural cane reed recommended 

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