Sepia Tone Will

The Sepia Tone Will is Gottsu’s first expansion into Clarinet mouthpieces, and is made for both Bass clarinet and B♭ clarinet.  It is designed for Jazz styles, featuring an exceptionally dark tone and high resistance.


made this model for students who play classical saxphone for marching band. Classical is a new field to me, so this model was challenging for me to develop.  Right after I started introducing the Alto mouthpiece, I recieved a lot of requests for Clarinet mouthpieces, so I introduced the Bass and B♭clarinet mouthpieces, as well. 

—Masahiko Goto—


Instruments: Bass Clarinet, B ♭ Clarinet

Opening size:  

Bass Clarinet (G45), 

B ♭ Clarinet (G40),  

※see table below for mm sizing 

Material : Hard-rubber 

Chamber Shape: Quadrangle 

Baffle: None 

Tone characteristics: Soft, dark

Style: Jazz, Classical  

Natural wooden reed recommended 

Tip Opening