Gottsu Signature Ligature

Gottsu’s Signature Ligature is a new underscrew type ligature which reimagines the conventional pressure plate system. Rather than inserting the contact plate between the reed and the body of the ligature, the underscrew type ligature utilizes an arch-shaped contact plate which straddles the ligature body. This system improves stability and achieves better contact and pressure on the reed, resulting in a richer tone and reduced blowing resistance.

The five-sided pentagonal screw is the optimal shape to fit ergonomically between the fingers, just like a premium pair of handmade chopsticks. By lightly tightening the screw, you can achieve soft, resonant tones and overtones that suit the taste of the player. The new design and excellent performance will bring out the expressive power of the player and lead them to new levels.


Material: Gold-plated Brass

Instruments: (for both Ebonite and Metal mouthpieces)

  • Soprano
  • Alto
  • Tenor
  • Baritone