Sepia Tone VI Metal

Sepia Tone VI Metal is nearly identical to the Jazz Metal, but it has an offset chamber shape and a narrower chamber than the Jazz Metal.  This causes it to produce more overtones in the upper register.  


Type: Tenor, 


Tenor (7,8,9) 

※see table below for mm sizing 

Material: Brass 

Chamber Shape: Round  

Baffle: Roll-over baffle, A little bit high baffle  

Feature and Tone: Brighter than Jazz Metal 

Style: Jazz, Pops  

Natural wooden reed recommended 



Gottsu artists who plays Gottsu Sepia Tone VI Metal

Jürgen Hagenlocher

%e3%83%a6%e3%83%ab%e3%81%92%e3%82%93JHQ Plays Coltrane

The current album “JHQ plays Coltrane” is dedicated entirely to the music of John Coltrane. Compositions by John Coltrane from different creative phases are reinterpreted. The Jürgen Hagenlocher Quartet manages to present the spiritual mood and energy of the Coltrane Quartet in a new guise. With Andy Herrmann, Jens Loh and Matthias Daneck, Jürgen Hagenlocher is supported by prominent jazz musicians from the German jazz scene.

今回の新作Gottsu Sepia Tone VI Mouthpiece は、オットリンク好きが待ちに待ったという感じで、 フロリダ後期のオットリンクのマウスピースに現代的な味付けが加わった、まさに夢のようなマウスピースだと思います。



The Gottsu VI metal tenor mouthpiece is a very well made mouthpiece. It’s even from bottom to top and the response is quick so it makes it very easy to play. It has some elements of the vintage Florida link but at the same time it sounds modern. It`s the most versatile mouthpiece 
I`ve ever played. Goto-san domo arigato!!!

Raymond McMorrin