Sepia Tone VI Marble

Baritone / Tenor / Alto 

Mellow, deep and dynamic sounds

The VI mouthpiece is made by a jazz man for jazz lovers.  This mouthpiece is made from the same ebonite used in the making of the Gottsu Sepia Tone line.  The defining feature of the VI mouthpiece is a vintage jazz sound.  But unlike the Gottsu Sepia Jazz Metal, the VI fits larger in the mouth and offers a more mellow tone.  One of the most important things for any musican is to search for one’s own sound, and though this process may take many years, the VI mouthpiece will continue to work well every step of the way.  I promise that this work of art will give you immense joy.  Please enjoy discovering the diverse possibilities of music.

Genzo Okabe

Daniel Rotem

Gottsu Original Technology +R

+R (advanced process) is the most advanced G-Tune technology for processing the tip rail for a more efficient reed vibration. With this special processing, the reed vibrates effectively to create a smooth sensual tone like no other. Gottsu’s original design methods allow one to play exquisitely from the first note–making it much easier to reach lower notes and give an overall pleasant feel throughout the range of the horn.


Featuring a flat surface table, facing curve, side rail, each piece is meticulously hand-crafted all the way to the tip rail. Made from our newly introduced hard rubber and with our original adjusting methods (G-Tune +R), the Gottsu Hard Rubber Sepia Tone was born. We’ve recreated the sound from the good ol’ days. Striving to achieve ultimate ease of emission in playing, we’ve reached a beautiful outline and outstanding tone quality; a sound that is rich with a sweet and charming shimmer.

Tip Opening