3D Sound Binaural recording

Binaural recording is a method of recording sound that uses two microphones, arranged with the intent to create a 3-D stereo sound sensation for the listener of actually being in the room with the performers or instruments. This effect is often created using a technique known as “dummy head recording”, wherein a mannequin head is outfitted with a microphone in each ear. Binaural recording is intended for replay using headphones and will not translate properly over stereo speakers. This idea of a three dimensional or “internal” form of sound has also translated into useful advancement of technology in many things such as stethoscopes creating “in-head” acoustics and IMAX movies being able to create a three dimensional acoustic experience.  Please listen with headphones. The recording is close to the live sound.

HL 2018 Tenor 
VI Custom Bari


Sepia Tone Master Vintage Brass

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Sepia Tone VI

Sepia Tone VI Baritone

Gottsu Mouthpieces

Sepia Tone

Tenor / Alto

Sepia Tone VI

Baritone / Tenor / Alto / Soprano

VI Marble

Baritone / Tenor / Alto

Sepia Tone Will

Bass Clarinet / B♭ Clarinet / Alto Sax

Sepia Tone Soloist

Tenor / Alto / Soprano / Sopranino

Soloist Crossover


Metal HL

Tenor / Alto / Soprano

Jazz Metal

Baritone / Tenor / Alto



Studio Metal

Tenor / Alto

Hibiki 響

Tenor / Alto / Soprano

VI Metal


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